Mina Marmol - Transformative Healing For Life

Mina Marmol Shamanic Energy practitioner , intuitive & hypnosis

   As an Alternative health practitioner, I utilize my training and natural intuitive sight, bringing clients to a deep state of relaxation and leading them towards reaching a healthier and balanced physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state of being.  Working with clients at this level makes it possible for them to access key elements for improving physical health, mental clarity and emotional stability.  Their resulting connection to spirit and deepened trust in the Self, brings a greater sense of harmony for attaining a peaceful and joyful state of being despite any life circumstances.  

Healing Modalities
Energy & Shamanic Healing - Shamanic Hypno-Meditation  Sound Healing    

Techniques Practiced
Sound Healing
Soul Retrieval/Integration
Cord Healing/Extraction
 5 Element Soul Retrieval Healing
Ancestral Lineage Soul Retrieval Healing
Shamanic Hypno-Meditation Journeys
Trauma Release Healing
Attachment Re-Patterning 
Wise Mind technique             
Root Cause technique  
Energetic Clearing  


2015 to present - Walking the Shaman’s Path Program Faculty member 

2014 Attachment Mastery -attachmentmastery.comDr. Diane Poole Heller, Phd, Louisville, CO

2012 Walking the Shaman’s Path Program-Patricia White Buffalo, Santa Cruz, CA 
Certified Shamanic Healer 

2011 Center for Hypnotherapy-Marilyn Gordon, Oakland, CA 
Certified Hypnotherapist / Medical Hypnotherapist 

Professional Affiliations
National Guild of Hypnotists