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Part Two: A Shaman's View: Stoking Your Inner Fire

Dear Friends,
Today I'm going to discuss simple ways to cultivate and bring into balance your connection to the Fire Element.  In theory, this requires you to understand yourself and apply your perception to enhance your life experience.  Self-awareness allows us to best identify the Elements that are either lacking or dominant in our lives.   
Whatever we connect to externally through our Five Senses, supports our internal experiences.  This is key to understanding how we can successfully bring our Five Elements into balance.  Remember, we were all born with our own set of 'Perfected' Inner Five Elements, however, life events can have lasting effects upon us.  Disturbances will always show up in terms of the health of our bodies, minds and spirits.  The quality of our connection to others is also impacted.  This results in a life-long journey towards reclaiming a healthy body, mind and life. Being in Elemental balance enables us to face challenging life events with an open heart, so we're able to address them with compassion for ourselves, as well as others. The greater our Elemental balance is, the better our chances of embodying our highest potential will be.  The Five Elements serve to support our bodies physically as well as internally.  Truly, this is a process that must occur through our physical body, for we can't internalize the benefits without it.
Now, let's have a look at how the dominance or weakness of an Element shows up in our lives.  Since  Fire [movement/action] is the opposite of Earth [stability/grounding] too much of it results in either LESS EARTH OR LESS WATER ELEMENT.
When there's too much fire and too little Earth =Instability -There is too much movement and action without grounding.  This manifests as impulsivity.  One becomes reactive, irritable and lashes out easily.  Words and gestures come out regardless of how they impact others.  One can become intolerant of others and dwell on anything irritating about a person or situation.
When there's too much fire and too little Water = Agitation - One can experience a persistent sense of discomfort, anxiety or restlessness.  Fire with lack of Water is evident in people who can't sit still and always need to have something to do.  Sitting in silence and experiencing stillness is a challenge. There is a tendency to talk a lot and swiftly- with new ideas arising before the original thoughts can be fully expressed.  The mind is always active and sleep becomes very difficult.  Some people may find they are experiencing both agitation and instability at once.  Elemental imbalances can occur in layers as well.  The following practices can act as 'antidotes' for such Elemental imbalances.
Feeling Instability:Meaning there is Fire with insufficient Earth Element.  If you're feeling unstable, connect to the grounding stability of Earth with grounding practices to help you feel the energy of Earth in your life.  Go outdoors into natural settings, where you can stand or sit upon the ground, allowing you to receive Earth's energy.  If you're in a place where there is grass, soft dirt or sand, take off your shoes and let your feet have direct contact and feel its support beneath you.  If you're unable to have access to the beach, desert or mountains, you can still access Earth energies by just imagining the Earth energies rising upward and entering your energy field from beneath your feet on the floor.  This is a simple ritual you can practice to bring yourself the physical experience of the Earth Element.  As a meditation, focusing on the ground you walk on and connecting with each step as you walk about brings Earth energy into your consciousness.  Earth can manifest in your life as a stable relationship, job, or place to live.  Think about bringing the Earth Element to a more prominent place in your life; what can you surround yourself with, books, images, and even certificates of accomplishment can you use to remind you of the stability and grounding qualities of the Earth Element in your world? 
Feeling Agitation: Meaning there is Too much fire with insufficient Water Element.  If you're feeling agitated, connect to the comfort of Water. The feelings of discomfort, anxiety and restlessness mean you need the soothing comfort of Water in your life.  Look for opportunities to focus upon and feel the comfort Water physically offers you and frequently seek this out.  You don't have to go to great lengths to swim laps or surf, it's simply being able to connect with the Water energies by wading in it along the seashore, sitting by a mountain stream, or focusing on how great it feels when you're taking your shower.  Think of an infant or toddler having their bath time.  Their joyful response to Water is obvious, as children naturally enjoy the soothing feeling of being held and caressed, blissfully splashing and playing with bubbles.  Bringing the comforting qualities of Water into our energy field helps us connect to memories of experiences of joy in ourselves and this in turn trains our minds to bring this experience into our conscious awareness -- directing it towards having positive thoughts.  Having images of watery places stimulates your senses so you can 'travel' there visually in your mind's eye.  Using the color Blue to represent Water in your environment also gives your senses a lift.
Feeling Uninspired: Meaning there is a lack of Fire Element.If you've lost your enjoyment of life or it feels stale and routine, you'll find inspiration by connecting to the Creative qualities of Fire.
One can strengthen their connection to the Fire element by thinking in terms of purification and cultivation.  For example, connecting to the positive qualities of fire --the Joy and Bliss of your own inner fire.  When we know what our joy feels like, we can clear a space in our experience [purification] to feel that joy.  Once we know this feeling we'll naturally cultivate our joy --and begin supporting our INNER FIRE.  We can take stock and be thankful for what we have, use fiery Red colors in our environment, display Fire images in our homes, and even wear something reminding us to cultivate joy.  Fire and Water are both connected to joy, so this cultivates both Elements. 
One can also lack Fire Element due to having too much Air Element.  This is evident when one is intellectually sharp [due to the Air] but is unable to create anything from the knowledge they've acquired.  In this case, creative impulses occur but are generally repetitive and un-original.  Movementis an important quality of the Fire Element, as it's an essential aspect of bringing our creative impulses into fruition.  We can cultivate this aspect of Fire with our actions.  In addition to practicing gratitude, increasing our generosity and practicing compassion with others are actions that cultivate and support the creative joy of our Inner Fire.
I'd like to conclude by telling you how much joy it brings me to share this information with you, as my Inner Fire feels well stoked.  I'm looking forward to bringing you more information on Five Element healing in my next blog.  For my next topic, I'll be focusing on the qualities of the Earth Element.  In the meantime, my hope is that you'll have gained a greater understanding of the benefits of cultivating the Fire Element in your life.
With light,


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