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A Shaman's View: Stoking Your Inner Fire

Dear Friends,
I'm always grateful to be out in the Elements, fully experiencing the amazing beauty of the sea.  Today a sunlit sky stretches wide across the horizon.  A multitude of birds appear to skip across the waters, hovering from above, then claiming their next meal with a huge splash.  Dolphins, Sea Otters and Seals playfully dart in and out of view as our sailboat bounces along, harnessing the wind while making its way about the bay.  When the wind is in my face, it feels so cool and refreshing.  When the sun shines on my back, it's so comforting and warm.  The moment the sunlight fades behind the clouds, a cool dampness remains until I get back to the warmth of the shore. All who are fortunate enough to view the sunset are mesmerized by its glorious colors. This kind of experience, among many others we can have while being in the outdoors, is Shamanic in nature and it's what the Five Elements are all about. 
After spending time outdoors we can always feel the positive effects of communing with the Five Elements in nature.  It's a magical feeling, for no matter what's going on in our lives, we feel better.  We're actually born with our own set of Five inner 'perfected' Elements.  Our consciousness arises from the Five Elements in our body and our life experience is a reflection of how these Five pure Elements interact with this awareness.
This is the first in a series of blog entries about each of the Five Elements.  Today, in Part One of my blog, the focus is on the qualities of the Fire Element and in Part Two, I'll offer simple practices to help you improve your connection to its lively qualities.  I'd like to acknowledge two excellent books that expanded my understanding of how the 5 Elements bring us healing.  The first book is titled:  Healing with Form, Energy and Light by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and the second is Ecoshamanism by James Endredy. Both offer excellent information and practices to help us connect to each of the Five Elements and embody their unique qualities in our daily life. 
Having a balanced Fire Element brings us refined wisdom.  Fire embodies active and outward movement, resulting in the highest expression of this wisdom.  A balanced Fire Element has the qualities of high energy and bliss, heat and warmth, a strong will and inspiration. 
The euphoria of Fire reflects bliss in the body ---as our Inner Fire.  This bodily sense of bliss brings Joy to our conscious experience.  Our Fire intuition manifests as pure excitement and enthusiasm.  We're able to conceive and launch projects of any kind. Through our strong connection to the Fire element we're able to put into action anything that flows from our creative impulse.  
A reliable indicator of an elemental imbalance is one's emotional state of being, for an imbalanced Fire Element manifests differently when this is the case.  For example, if there is too much Fire element, one may demonstrate impulsive behaviors, or may become reactive, easily agitated or intolerant of differences in beliefs or cultures.  Or one may be unable to sit still and feel as if they must always be occupied, or feel overwhelmed by having too many ideas coming at once.  Since the mind is too active, one's ability to sleep well is affected. 
On the other hand, if one has too little Fire Element, one can experience a complete lack of vitality and inspiration.  Life is boring and no enthusiasm or enjoyment of life is experienced.  In this state it's very hard to take the necessary actions to launch projects or create anything from what's been learned. 
In Part Two of this blog, you can learn how to correct Fire Element imbalances with simple practices.  In the meantime, I encourage you to start paying closer attention to how the Fire Element manifests in your life.
With light, 

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