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The Fundamental Forces Of All Life

Greetings, friends and tribe members! 
Here in Santa Cruz, California, the Fall has brought us an ongoing Summer harvest.  Whales and dolphins are gracing our shores.  It's been delightful to witness their presence so closely.   Crowds of onlookers gather on the cliffs to share in the beauty and awe of nature.  Watching others taking in the sights with such joy confirms how healing it is to be in the midst of the outdoor Elements.
In the Shamanic world-view, The 5 Elements:  Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Space are the fundamental forces of all life.  Everything originating from these elements is considered sacred.  The elemental forces of nature are evident outdoors as well as inside our bodies.
Our flesh is made from the Earth's elements and ultimately dissolves back into the Earth. The warmth of the Sun and the warmth of the heart are different yet the same.  The water of the oceans is just like the water of our bodies.  The air in our lungs is the same as the air where a bird takes flight.  The space from which our Universe originates, the space in a room and the space in which our thoughts 
arise-- is the very same sacred space. 
Matter and mind and everything that's held in space are essentially made up of any combination of the 5 elements.
Of course, as per my New Years resolution, I've been doing a lot of personal work in striving to gain a greater understanding of how to 'do relationship' with myself and others.  Understanding my connection to the Five Elements is an important part of this process.
When I'm experiencing a sense of myself and life is flowing, it means the connection to my "inner" Five Elements is strong.  When this isn't the case, I must work on cultivating a stronger connection to any missing or weaker Elements. Each of the elements offer us opportunities for growth & support:  Earth = grounding, 
Water = Comfort, Fire = Creativity, Air = Accomplishment, Space = Awareness.
I also utilize Alternative Healing modalities to support me in my healing journey.  Neurofeedback and Somatic work help me to bring balance to my Nervous System.  All of this work comes together successfully for me, as I'm able to respond to life events in a balanced way whether they may be positive or negative.  Thus far, 2015 has provided me with many opportunities to explore, develop deeper Self-awareness and compassion for myself.
Here's to all the growth and bounty of the Fall!
With light,


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