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Part Two Healing For Change: Attain a Healthier Sense of Self

Somatic Body-oriented work, such as 
Network Chiropractic, Somatic Trauma Resolution, Somatic Experiencing and even the Shamanic Energy Healing I practice utilize the body’s life force, as well as the energy field around it, giving clients sensory experiences providing a sense of resolution to events energetically impacting the body.  These modalities can provide clients with experiential, symbolic, or personal healing narratives related to their search for closure or an explanation for their experience.  Once a sense of resolution can be reached, the body integrates it, resulting in a nervous system that can regulate itself once again. 
My sister resented having her diagnosis and the vulnerability her illness created for her.  She abandoned her medical treatments, seeking exclusively alternative healing therapies such as Acupuncture and Reiki.  These benefitted her but didn't provide a cure, as her Lupus continued to progress for the lack of medical care she required to stabilize her illness.  Frustrated, she was forced to deal with a condition she couldn’t accept.  Unfortunately she was convinced Western medicine wouldn’t bring a cure for her illness.  Sadly, her Lupus eventually took its ultimate toll on her.  

I sometimes wonder if there would have been a different outcome for my sister's fate if she’d had access to Somatic therapies when she was alive.  I feel she would have benefitted from being able to integrate the unresolved emotions that  caused her health such great harm.
Of course, my healing journey continues, for I always consider myself to be a “work in progress”.  As an Energetic healer, I feel my practice requires having personal healing experiences in order to know and understand what my clients are going through in their own healing journeys.  My deepened understanding of Somatic body-oriented therapies is very inspiring, as I sense they can potentially bring relief to the afflictions of many.  I’m seeking to integrate these methodologies into my own practice, for my own Somatic treatments are bringing me very positive results. 
As humanity suffers in varying degrees from what seem to be constant threats to its very survival, our bodies, minds and spirits are severely impacted as we struggle to understand and integrate our challenging life experiences.  My hope is that more and more people will begin to understand and support the positive benefits that Alternative healing modalities, such as Somatic body-oriented therapies, among others, bring to the table. 
May Our Healing Journeys Prevail!  
With Light, Mina

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yepi on Friday, December 05, 2014 1:41 AM
I think there are plenty of treatment, mainly it fits our disease. I look forward to your work will be smooth and healthy girl.
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I look forward to your work will be smooth and healthy girl.
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happy wheels on Thursday, April 23, 2015 2:43 AM
I look forward to your work will be smooth and healthy girl.
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