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Staying Grounded with the Earth Element over the Holidays

Dear Friends,
Today my heart is filled with love for each and every one of you, as I'm grateful for the time you take to read my blog!  May this Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter. 
Indeed, since I began posting blog entries in 2012, my healing journey continues unfolding.  My hope is that you're finding my writing to be relevant to your own path towards wellbeing, whatever your life circumstances may be.

The Ultimate Defense Against Terrorism

Dear Friends,
I'd originally planned to post a blog about Earth Element healing, but in the view of last week's terrorism  in France, I've decided to write a post acknowledging it instead.
Last Friday, November the 13th, I was enjoying an evening out at a nice restaurant with a group of friends.  We laughed and ate, while catching up on each other's lives-- completely unaware of what was happening at the same time in Paris, France.  In our reality, it was just another Friday night and the start of what was going to be a great weekend of relaxation and fun.

Part Two: A Shaman's View: Stoking Your Inner Fire

Dear Friends,
Today I'm going to discuss simple ways to cultivate and bring into balance your connection to the Fire Element.  In theory, this requires you to understand yourself and apply your perception to enhance your life experience.  Self-awareness allows us to best identify the Elements that are either lacking or dominant in our lives.   
Whatever we connect to externally through our Five Senses, supports our internal experiences.  This is key to understanding how we can successfully bring our Five Elements into balance.

A Shaman's View: Stoking Your Inner Fire

Dear Friends,
I'm always grateful to be out in the Elements, fully experiencing the amazing beauty of the sea.  Today a sunlit sky stretches wide across the horizon.  A multitude of birds appear to skip across the waters, hovering from above, then claiming their next meal with a huge splash.  Dolphins, Sea Otters and Seals playfully dart in and out of view as our sailboat bounces along, harnessing the wind while making its way about the bay.  When the wind is in my face, it feels so cool and refreshing.

The Fundamental Forces Of All Life

Greetings, friends and tribe members! 
Here in Santa Cruz, California, the Fall has brought us an ongoing Summer harvest.  Whales and dolphins are gracing our shores.  It's been delightful to witness their presence so closely.   Crowds of onlookers gather on the cliffs to share in the beauty and awe of nature.  Watching others taking in the sights with such joy confirms how healing it is to be in the midst of the outdoor Elements.
In the Shamanic world-view, The 5 Elements:  Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Space are the fundamental forces of all life.

Part Two Healing For Change: Attain a Healthier Sense of Self

Somatic Body-oriented work, such as 
Network Chiropractic, Somatic Trauma Resolution, Somatic Experiencing and even the Shamanic Energy Healing I practice utilize the body’s life force, as well as the energy field around it, giving clients sensory experiences providing a sense of resolution to events energetically impacting the body.  These modalities can provide clients with experiential, symbolic, or personal healing narratives related to their search for closure or an explanation for their experience.

Part One Healing For Change: Attain a Healthier Sense Of Self

             As I share about the healing resources I’ve used to help me transform my life from one of suffering in a full time job with a two hour daily commute, back into a life supporting my path as a healer, I’d like to frame this story within the context of “survival instinct”. 
In the aftermath of having found a job better suited to my needs, I’d found myself experiencing an unexplained sense of anxiety.  I could understand how I’d felt severe anxiety the year before, while working my other job, but this just didn’t make sense.

No Pain, No Gain

After having been absent from my Blog for too long, I’m happy to be back to writing once again!  Past readers might recall I’d begun a full time job in the Fall of 2013.  Now I’ve manifested another job allowing for a more balanced life, which includes time to re-establish my healing practice.  My original decision to take a full time job satisfied my financial needs yet it also resulted in a lot of ‘personal growth’ i.e. Pain.  Thus, this is the topic for today’s Blog.  Yes, personal growth can be a pain!

Choosing Happiness As A Path Towards Wellbeing

Happy New Year, Dearest Readers!!
My wish for today is that 2014 will be a year that brings each of us even greater self-awareness as our lives continue to unfold in time. 
It’s safe to say that for many of us, “life” in 2013 has featured its fair share of challenges as well as joyful moments.  In my reflections and ruminations on day one of 2014, it strikes me how differently I view life today in comparison to 2013.  Perhaps this doesn’t strike you as unusual-- but lately, it seems like something is up.

A Healing Response To Life's Transitions

Life transitions are always challenging, thus, in the spirit of helping others who are experiencing changes in their lives, I’d like to share how I’ve been addressing the emotional and physical challenges that can arise when one is in the midst of this process. 
In my own case, I began a full time teaching job two months ago. A Waldorf Language teacher’s job is quite demanding, yet my experience is very rich, as every day is fresh and new in some way.  The Waldorf curriculum recognizes the natural world as a vital resource contributing balance to children’s lives as their personal development unfolds.