Mina Marmol - Transformative Healing For Life
What I do as a Shamanic Hypnotherapist  

 The body-mind connection to one’s health and wellbeing is real.  For many individuals, hypnotherapy is an effective way to bring healing to the body through the power of the mind.  The body has a voice and a story to tell.  Once this story unfolds for a client, their body and mind will integrate the experience and heal.

 One is completely awake, aware, and in control even while in a relaxed, hypnotic state. Yet, as a result of being this state, positive suggestions will reach the unconscious mind in such a way that after emerging from hypnosis, one is empowered to make the changes they desire, achieve their goals or release emotional/physical ailments with positive results. 

 My goal as a Shamanic Hypnotherapist is not only to bring my clients to a greater state of wellbeing, but also to teach them effective tools for managing their progress on their own. During sessions I work with clients to explore the stories behind their issues and can utilize methods such as Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique/Root Cause Technique, the Wise Mind Technique, and Shamanic Journeys.