Mina Marmol - Transformative Healing For Life
A session begins with a discussion between the client and myself about the objective for their session.  Once this discussion concludes...
For Shamanic Hypnosis:  Clients may be seated or  lay down comfortably for this session.   Some clients may enter deeply into Hypnosis and some very lightly, but most people are right in between.  Even under Hypnosis, one is fully aware of what is going on and in control.   I conduct a transformational healing session whereby clients will hear a series of relaxing and hypnotic suggestions for the behavioral changes and healing desired.  Sessions last an hour and thirty minutes.
For Energy and Shamanic Work:  Clients lay fully clothed upon a massage table.  I begin the session by tuning into the Human Energy Field at certain meridians of the body.  For clients, this is a profound experience and it is common to enter a deeply relaxed state of mind.  During these sessions, I will be guided to work upon the areas of the Chakras that require energy clearing and/or balancing.  I may direct clients to tune into their body and observe any sensations or images that may come to them during this process.  I may utilize Shamanic tools such as a rattle, Native American drumming , or Nature sounds to enhance the healing process.  Once the healing session concludes, I ask clients to share any experiences they may have had so that I may also share with them about any messages or images I received for them.    Sessions last an hour and thirty minutes.