Mina Marmol - Transformative Healing For Life

For inquiries regarding my availability for services-
email: dharmalightstar@gmail.com   
or  call (831) 706-6428 
Hours:      Tuesdays1pm to 8pm 
                 Sunday afternoon by appointment only 

Shamanic Energy Healing 
$110 for one session or special package pricing:  
2 sessions for $190 [$95 each] Sessions last 1 hour 30 minutes


"Mina Marmol is kind-hearted and friendly, and I immediately felt comfortable and safe with her. Her thorough intake process gives you the opportunity to really explore what core issues need healing and energy work. I found my healing sessions with her to be extremely therapeutic, it felt as if weight had been lifted from my psyche, I was clear, lighter, confident, and more optimistic about life. It's like having the benefits of bodywork and talk therapy combined, and is extremely relaxing! I would recommend Mina to anyone who feels they are carrying un-needed negative energy, thoughts and stress around, and wants a cleansing of the mind and soul!"  - JM  November 2012

"Mina is deeply kind and insightful; committed to the deepest level of clearing. Her work is very 
powerful and has helped me transform my relationships with men and resolve a persistent health
issue." - MB January 2013