Mina Marmol - Transformative Healing For Life
Energy Healing: What I do as a practitioner
  All beings are forms of energy and our bodies are surrounded by what is called the Human Energy Field.  Although it’s not visible to the human eye, this field can be seen or sensed through High Sense Perception.  The Human Energy Field can contain powerful clues to the state of one’s health and wellbeing.   

 This healing work addresses a wide variety of issues, such as seeking relief from physical illness, issues with relationships, and life transitions, among others, and opens up possibilities for discovering core issues at the heart of such matters.   

 As clients lay fully clothed on a massage table, I use a combination of hands on healing techniques and HSP to tap into their human energy field, recharge it, and clear areas where there may be energy blockages in order to bring it back into balance.  This process helps the body release old traumas and belief systems, supporting medical treatments, and bringing the client to a state of wellness on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

Sound Healing
When a session includes sound healing, a Native American drum  is used to charge the energy field of the room.  The vibrational field created by the drumbeats enter the core energetic field within the body. The body may physically respond to the charged vibrational field by releasing energies held within the emotional body.  There is a felt benefit when one allows the emotions to pass through the body without judgement. 

Shamanic Healing: What I do as a practitioner
   The term, Shamanism, refers to an ancient form of spirituality, at one time practiced upon every continent on Earth, holding the belief that all living things are alive with spirit.  In the Shamanic world-view, everything that exists is interrelated with everything else.  Our ancestors believed there is a direct connection between the health and survival of their tribes and their spiritual connection to Mother Earth and all of Nature.  

 As a Shamanic Practitioner I’m able to enter an altered state of consciousness in order to gain access to the non-ordinary reality of the Shamanic World and the resulting knowledge and power it offers for personal empowerment and healing.  My training has enabled me to discover and cultivate my connection to my spiritual source, which is how I am able to do this work. 

In this place I am able to have access to power animals, nature spirits, elemental goddesses, guardian spirits and ancestors, who serve as helpers in my healing work with clients. The Shamanic healing techniques I use may come from indigenous and Tibetan Bon shamanic traditions.  I use a variety of core shamanic techniques to serve the individual needs of clients.  These may include shamanic journeys, soul retrievals and remembrance, power animal retrievals, elemental healing, extraction healing and ancestral healing. 

 In addition to the deeply transformative healing benefits of shamanic healing, it serves to empower clients by helping them form a deeper connection to their own spiritual source.